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For today’s Geo Quiz … here’s your first clue listen:

It’s not the sound of someone trying to clear their icy windshield…or power wash their patio. You’re hearing the most reliable mode of travel in the place we’re looking for.

We’re searching for an island in the northern reaches of the Canadian Arctic. The mostly frozen island is part of the territory of Nunavut. It’s sunny outside today. But it’s down around minus 18 degrees.

Vikings once ventured here to hunt … later in the 18th and 19th centuries, polar expeditions came this way.

Scientists are monitoring the island’s glacial ice shelves to track climate change. By the way, that screeching sound is made by the sled runners of a dog sled.

We’ll check in with one of the musher’s for the answer in a few minutes…

Marvin is a key player in today’s Geo Quiz. Marvin is one of the huskies on an international dog sled expedition under way in the high arctic.

Ellesmere IslandEllesmere Island

Polar explorer Will Steger is leading a team along a 1,400 mile route across the northern reaches of Canada. They team is crossing fjords, mountain ranges and sea ice in an effort to document signs of climate change on the northern most island in the Canadian Arctic. You can find out more about the Global Warming 101 expedition.

The 1,400 mile long trek will traverse part of Ellesmere Island, the answer to our Geo Quiz. The goals of the expedition include:

* Educate the web-connected audience about the effects of human actions upon the global climate
* Empower individual choices and support grassroots efforts that lead to massive technological innovation
* Provide up-to-the minute credible, balanced and easily understandable information, educational activities and community forums focused on the critical issue of global climate change
* Offer thought provoking interaction and practical solutions

Listen to our interview with expedition leader Will Steger, a veteran polar explorer:

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