Toronto is experiencing a car theft epidemic

Residents of Toronto, Canada, are scrambling to protect their cars from an epidemic of car theft. Many are simultaneously installing tire clamps, steering locks, burglar alarms and steel bollards in their driveway, but have their cars stolen anyway. Thefts increased by 40% last year as Anita Elash reports from Toronto.

The Red Dress night honored murdered and missing Indigenous women, and girls, Two Spirit and LGBTQ+ people in Canada and worldwide.

They call her a ‘Mountain Mover’ — Founder of Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week revolutionizes the runway

black and white river footage

Negotiating the power of the Columbia River

people on train

Reparations for Japanese Canadians imprisoned during World War II viewed by many as too little, too late

This year's Eid stamp design released by Canada Post.

Canada unveils a first-of-a-kind Eid stamp this year

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scientists on lake

Geologists edge closer to defining the Anthropocene


The Anthropocene Working Group is voting on a so-called Golden Spike, a sedimentary layer somewhere on Earth that best exemplifies the global impact of humans on planet Earth. It’s the last, big task in formally defining the Anthropocene, which is being proposed as a new age in geologic time.

The sword of the Royal House of Avis on a stylized cross decorates the 56-meter high Monument to the Discoveries by the Tagus river in Lisbon, Thursday, March 30, 2023. 

Vatican rejects Doctrine of Discovery after years of pressure from Indigenous activists


The 15th-century Doctrine of Discovery provided the legal basis for the colonial-era seizure of Native lands. Sociology professor Cora Voyageur, who is also a member of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation, joined The World’s host Carol Hills to discuss the significance of the Vatican’s repudiation of the doctrine.


Vietnam draft dodgers who settled in Canada have influenced some of its small towns for generations


Tens of thousands of young American men went to Canada to avoid being conscripted to fight in Vietnam. Some Canadians welcomed them, while others wanted nothing to do with these “hippies.” But many of those who stayed — and half of them did — would go on to be leaders in their communities as politicians, environmental activists and teachers and have a lasting impact on Canada’s small towns.

The Singh family in a promotional video for the specially designed Bold Helmets.

This mom couldn’t find sports helmets to accommodate her sons’ Sikh religious requirements, so she designed her own

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Many kids’ products on the market are not always inclusive or accommodate unique needs — including religious ones. Ontario mother Tina Singh decided to design sports helmets for her three boys that wouldn’t compromise their Sikh faith — or their safety.

French Barkhane force soldiers who wrapped up a four-month tour of duty in the Sahel board a US Air Force C130 transport plane, leave their base in Gao, Mali, Wednesday June 9, 2021.

Trust the process: Part II

Critical State

Critical State, a foreign policy newsletter by Inkstick Media, takes a deep dive this week into the function of ad-hoc organizations that are formed to address a specific crisis — and then often get dissolved when the crisis ends.