Extreme points of Earth

A brown fox sits in the grass

One arctic fox’s incredible journey from Norway to Canada


Scientists investigating how arctic foxes use sea ice fitted animals with tracking collars. The data showed one female fox traveled more than 2,000 miles in 76 days.

Shuttles idling near Pegasus Field, an airstrip that serves the McMurdo Station research facility on Antarctica's Ross Ice Shelf.

Researchers discover microbial life deep beneath Antarctic ice

A man is silhouetted against condensation rising off of Lake Michigan in Chicago on January 6, 2014. Chicago was experiencing historic cold this week.

Could the polar vortex have something to do with global warming?

The hottest temperature ever recorded in the world was at Furnace Creek, in California's Death Valley. (Photo: Wiki Commons)

Where in the World has the Hottest Temperature Been Recorded?


Russian scientists reported to have reached untouched lake beneath Antarctica


‘Santa’s neighbors’ make a home out of one of the most remote places on earth

Amidst the arctic foxes and caribou, a small Canadian military outpost, CFS Alert, is the permanent home of about 70 people. Living there year round, it’s the permanent community closest to the North Pole.

Thriving Microbial Life in the Planet’s Deepest Oceanic Trench


Our Geo Quiz Tuesday takes us to the deepest part of the world’s oceans. It’s where scientists have found an abundance of tiny, microbial forms of life thriving in this extreme ocean environment.

Caribou, Oil and a Changing Arctic

Hear the Docs: Living on Earth: In Search of Caribou in Alaska’s Arctic Wildlife Refuge Living on Earth: Oil & Eskimos on Alaska’s North Slope Marco Werman’s Christmas week conversation with Jonathan Mazower of Survival International about the importance of real-life reindeer for many northern people brought a flashback to my own trip to the […]

A Long Winter’s Trek Across Antarctica

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A team led by British explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes has announced to do six month ice trek and cross 2,000 miles via the South Pole to McMurdo Station. Can you name this partially frozen southern sea that wraps around this coastline of Antarctica?

China in the Arctic?

The Arctic Council consists of 8 Arctic nations and 6 indigenous groups. But since vast quantities of oil and gas have been discovered in the far north, non-Arctic countries like China want a seat at Arctic Council meetings.