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For today’s Geo Quiz: fish, fish, and more fish.

We’re looking for an English seaport, one that’s famous for its fish market. It’s strategically located on the Humber, a tidal estuary on the coast of north-eastern England. The Humber has made this city a thriving fishing and trading port going back centuries.

But in recent days, Icelandic fishing trawlers have been turning up here. That’s odd for two reasons.

Iceland and Britain once clashed over fishing rights in what was called the Cod Wars, and it takes 3 days for Icelandic fishing trawlers to make the journey south.

So why travel all that way?

It turns out that Iceland’s economy is in shambles, so Icelandic fishermen can sell their catch to fish and chip shops faster than they could back home.

So name this English seaport where there’s plenty of North Sea fish arriving daily on Icelandic trawlers.

There’s plenty of fresh fish in the answer to today’s Geo Quiz. Icelandic fishermen haul haddock, cod, and halibut out of the North Sea every day.

But they’re finding it hard to sell their catch at home — because of Iceland’s economic collapse.

So they’re heading instead to Grimsby — a port on the eastern coast of northern England. Grimsby is the answer to our Quiz.

Listen to an audio postcard from the Grimsby Fish Market:

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