A National Park Service boat navigates the waters in Biscayne National Park, Florida, July 8, 2014. Federal officials are seeking to ban commercial fishing in the park which is offshore from suburban Miami. Officials say cutting off commercial fishing wil

How governments finance the ruin of our oceans 

The World’s Southeast Asia correspondent Patrick Winn spoke with marine bioloigst Dr. Daniel Pauly, asking him what can be done to reverse the crisis around overfishing and creating “dead zones” in the oceans.

Fishing communities line up and come together to pull in the net from the sea.

‘Difficult years’: Brazil’s fishing communities struggle to stay afloat during pandemic 

fishing nets in the sea of cortez

With no-fishing zones, Mexican fishermen restored the marine ecosystem

Captain Christopher Brown sorts fish at the F/V Proud Mary’s conveyor, with the electronic monitoring cameras visible behind him.

The future of fishing is big data and artificial intelligence


Special Guest: Ian Frazier

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The carcass of a right whale is prepared to be towed out to sea near Norway, Prince Edward Island.

Experts say ‘extinction is around the corner’ for Atlantic right whales


There have been a record 18 deaths and zero births of the species over the past year.

Fisherman Steve Barratt says the area just offshore of the English port of Ramsgate was a prime fishing ground until a wind farm was built there a few years ago. Now he says he has to steam for three hours to get a good catch, almost all the way to the Ne

The UK’s offshore wind boom is great for the climate. But what about the fish?


A big push into offshore wind power in the UK is pushing down the cost of the low-carbon energy source, but fishermen say it’s also harming fish populations. Scientists say they’re not so sure.

Kim Høegh-Dam is the founder of Iluliaq Seafood A/S.

Fishermen in Greenland are doing better than ever. That might be thanks to climate change.


As the waters warm, the fishermen are catching more fish, and more varieties of fish, than before.

Peru anchovies

What happens when you eat seafood at every meal for a year?


And is there a sustainable way to eat this much fish?

A boy throws a plastic bottle into Guanabara Bay in Rio de Janeiro on Aug. 7.

Rio’s water cleanup barely works and it’s crimping impoverished fishermen


In the run-up to the 2016 Summer Olympics, Rio’s state government came under fire for the disgusting state of the bay on which Olympic sailors would compete.