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No matter who sits where, driving any kind of vehicle takes a lot of gasoline. We’re going to check on gas prices around the world… in today’s Geo Quiz.

The Energy Department says the average price of gasoline in the US is now $3.10 a gallon. Could be worse.


In Hong Kong, for instance, gas sells for around six dollars a gallon. On the other hand — if you’re hunting for bargains — check out oil-rich Venezuela. Regular unleaded sells for only 12-cents a gallon in Caracas.

For today’s quiz — we want you to answer this question:

In which city do motorists pay the most for gas? New Delhi, India — La Paz, Bolivia — Sydney, Australia — or Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. That’s New Delhi, La Paz, Sydney or Dar es Salaam.

old gasoline pump: gasoline pump:

We’ll get an update on gas prices in each of those cities — and tell you which one has the most expensive gasoline — a little later in the program.

Geo Quiz Answer:

They were La Paz, Bolivia — Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania — New Delhi, India — and Sydney, Australia.

Petrol seller in Bangalore, India: seller in Bangalore, India:

We asked reporters to check local gas prices. First up, Ruxandra Guidi in Bolivia…

Listen to all of the reports

So — among the four cities we visited — the price of gasoline was highest in Tanzania’s capital — at 5 dollars and 6 cents a gallon.

Which makes Dar Es Salaam the answer to our Geo Quiz today.

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