a group of tourists take photos of the birds perched on the balcony rails

Macaws lighten things up in Venezuela’s capital, and form a special bond with residents


Blue and gold macaws, a species non-native to the city, have developed a relationship with the residents of Caracas, Venezuela. However, the birds’ future is uncertain as their habitats are becoming increasingly endangered.

US dollars are now commonly used by businesses in Venezuela. The informal adoption of the dollar has helped to decrease inflation and product shortages.

Venezuela’s public sector workers take on multiple side jobs just to get by

a man standing in front of a colorful bottle cap mural

Venezuelan artist uses recycled bottle caps to create large eco-murals

A soldier is shown wearing a face mask and a military uniform while standing in front of a wall painted with the eyes of the late President Hugo Chávez.

Venezuela’s Maduro claims sweep of boycotted election

Protesters around a flower wreath

Workers’ movements advocate for rights on May Day; Saudi activists allege man killed over megacity plans; Doctors wait hours as Venezuela faces fuel shortages

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Customers wait while a fuel dispenser machine is fixed at a gas station in Caracas, Venezuela, April 23, 2020.

Doctors wait hours to fill tanks as Venezuela faces fuel shortages


Lines to buy fuel have been common in parts of Venezuela for years. But in recent weeks, the problem has arrived in the capital, where drivers are now waiting hours to fill their tanks. 

Venezuela's disputed President Nicolas Maduro gestures as he speaks during a special session of the National Constituent Assembly to deliver his annual state of the nation speech, in Caracas, Venezuela, Jan. 14, 2020.

The US has renewed its support for Venezuela’s opposition. What does it mean?

Earlier this week, President Donald Trump welcomed Juan Guaidó at the State of the Union speech, while other members of Venezuela’s National Assembly lobbied at the United Nations European headquarters in Geneva, with the support of Washington’s mission.

venezuelan ex military men in colombia

From Colombia, Venezuelan defectors arm themselves to ‘liberate’ their homeland


Dubbing their planned offensive “Operation Venezuela,” ex-army sergeant Eddier Rodríguez said there were around 150 men ready to take part with his group.

Man stands wearing white shirt in front of a hotel.

Venezuela’s ex-military deserted Maduro hoping for a revolution. Now they’re on the brink of homelessness.


Over 1,400 defectors and their families are holed up in hotels in Cúcuta, Colombia, where they are registered as asylum-seekers, according to Colombia’s migration authority. But funding has run out.

Lawmaker Richard Blanco is shown with his right hand rised and finger pointed up while giveing a speech.

Venezuelan lawmakers seek refuge in embassies after crackdown on Guaidó allies


Two Venezuelan lawmakers sought refuge at foreign embassies in Caracas on Thursday, as the government of President Nicolás Maduro cracked down on allies of opposition leader Juan Guaidó who supported his attempted uprising last week.