People walk through an informal settlement for trash segregators in Bangalore, India.

Waste collectors in Bangalore face discrimination and exploitation


Garbage segregators in India often have to migrate in search of work. Many in Bangalore, India, also face constant harassment from the police and local residents, often facing eviction from informal settlements if they can’t afford to pay bribes.

Activists of the youth wing of India's main opposition Congress party show slogans during a protest demanding the resignation of Home Minister Amit Shah following last week's clashes between people demonstrating for and against a new citizenship law in De

Indian policewoman describes the hazards of being a whistleblower

Conflict & Justice
Volunteers crouch on the wet sand as they pick up trash from a beach near Mumbai's Versova jetty

This Mumbai lawyer inspired a massive beach cleanup

Burned bus in Bengaluru, India

In India’s Silicon Valley, the water wars have turned deadly


Integrating technology too tightly with education presents its own kind of problems

@ShamiWitness account no longer exists on Twitter.

The man behind a top ISIS Twitter account lives in India


An investigation by the British Channel 4 News reveals the identity of the man behind one of the most prolific ISIS Twitter accounts. The man, known only as Mehdi, is a businessman living in Bangalore, India.


How one photographer captures changing immigrant families


Annu Palakunnathu Matthew’s has focused her photography on twisting perceptions of immigration and identity in America. Her new project, called “Majority Minority,” looks at the changes across generations of immigrant families.

Members of Bangalore metal band Eccentric Pendulum.

Bangalore Metal Band Eccentric Pendulum

Arts, Culture & Media

Eccentric Pendulum makes its own form of progressive metal, full of tricky time signatures and driving modal riffs.

Bollywood playback singer Manna Dey at an award ceremony in 2007.

Bollywood singer Manna Dey dies at 94, but his songs keep living

Arts, Culture & Media

Bollywood playback singer Manna Dey, an artist who holds legendary status within India’s Bollywood movie industry, has passed away.

Protestors want Indian temple to stop creating ‘fake miracles’

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Pilgrims by the thousands flock to the Sabarimala temple in India. There, they’re treated to a light show they’ve been told is a divine miracle. But, in turns out, it was all faked, and a group of Indians wants the display to stop.