New Delhi

The US Embassy in Delhi, India, where visas are processed for Indian nationals to work and study in the United States. 

Visa delays dash ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ opportunities for students, workers in India

The price of higher ed

Getting visas to travel to the US has never been easy for people of certain nationalities. But pandemic closures made visa processing delays extend to a year or more. Now consulates are staffed up again, but as Sushmita Pathak reports from New Delhi, substantial delays remain because of large numbers of visa applicants.

Women rush out of a train during peak hours at Churchgate station in Mumbai, India, Monday, March 20, 2023.

Indian women do less paid work. It’s bad news for the economy.

Ramrati reads Ramcharitmanas every morning on the lane that connects Barakhamba to KG Marg, in New Delhi, India, March 29, 2014.

This 16th-century epic poem sparks political controversy in India

Lifestyle & Belief
Pregnant women hold their medical cards and wait for their turn to be examined at a government hospital on World Population Day in Hyderabad, India, Friday, July 11, 2014. 

As India becomes the world’s most populous nation, engaging men in family planning ‘will be a game changer’

Reproductive rights
V Sailakshmi, 39, says sex work helped pay for her sister's wedding and for her father's funeral

‘We are demanding full decriminalization’: Sex workers in India rally for labor rights

Women & Gender
Superhero Priya fights injustice along with her trusted tiger Sahas.

Superhero Priya tries to rescue New Delhi from air pollution on Earth Day


India’s first female comic superhero has previously tackled issues like masking up during COVID-19, surviving assault, trafficking and acid attacks. On Earth Day, Priya has returned — astride her faithful flying tiger — to show young children the power of collective action in tackling air pollution.

Several men supervise a voter registration table adorned with BJP flags during the election in Uttar Pradesh.

A test for Hindu nationalism as India’s biggest state goes to the polls


The Bharatiya Janata Party — known for its strong Hindu nationalist policies — is fighting to keep the state of Uttar Pradesh. With more than 150 million voters, the state is a barometer for national politics.

A woman surrounded by other people writes on a white placard

Protesters in India call for justice for Dalit women who are victims of sexual violence

Sexual violence

Rape and sexual violence have been under the spotlight in India since the 2012 gang rape and killing of a 23-year-old student on a Delhi bus, which sparked massive protests and inspired lawmakers to order the creation of fast-track courts dedicated to rape cases and stiffen penalties for those convicted of the crime.

Men carrying white plastic bags of food from a pile of bags

COVID sparks a new ‘right to food’ movement across the globe

Human rights

The pandemic has contributed to a doubling in food insecurity around the world.

Green WhatApp icon surrounded by other apps on a smart phone

WhatsApp sues Indian government over unconstitutional internet laws, privacy encroachment

Social media

India’s new measures would force WhatsApp to make messages on its platform traceable.