Makaa or charcoal is often used in cooking methods in Kenya and other countries in Africa.

The push to end harmful cooking methods worldwide


A third of the world’s population cooks with fuels that produce harmful fumes when burned. Breathing in the fine particles produced by cooking with wood, charcoal, coal, animal dung and agricultural waste can penetrate the lungs and cause multiple respiratory and cardiovascular problems, including cancer and strokes. Women and children are most at risk. Fifty countries gathered in Paris on Tuesday to raise funds to replace dangerous cooking with clean ones. Marco Werman speaks with Dymphna van der Lans, CEO of the Clean Cooking Alliance.

"And this shall also pass II," by Nigerian artist Ngozi-Omeje Ezema, 2022, work from Kó gallery in Lagos, Nigeria.

After decades of being overlooked, African art gets its moment

International students in the US face many challenges as they adjust to new cultural norms.

Chaplains open doors for international students on campus

Sacred Nation
Frantz Fanon sitting at a table during a press conference

New book explores the life of psychiatrist and writer Frantz Fanon

Arts, Culture & Media
Black woman performing on stage in white dress

Women rap artists a driving force as hip-hop turns 50

Planet Hip Hop
A health worker checks a man's temperature during door to door screening in an attempt to contain the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak in Jika Joe informal settlement in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, April 16, 2020.

Policymakers rush to stave off economic collapse on the African continent


Few industries on the continent have been spared by the epidemic. The region is projected to experience its first recession in 25 years, according to the World Bank. Among the biggest challenges for Africa is the large scale of people employed in the informal sector.

President Trump caused headlines after referring to group of Latino immigrants as "animals" on Wednesday. He said he was only referring to members of the gang MS-13.

President Trump’s ‘animals’ comment points to a dark history of using dehumanizing language

Conflict & Justice

The terms President Trump has used to describe a group of Latino immigrants can have serious societal consequences.

Bulldozers level sand dredged from the sea at the "Colombo Port City" construction site

China is working on the largest infrastructure endeavor in human history


The Asian giant is opening its first overseas military base, in Djibouti. Pay attention to this theme: China’s future foreign military bases will almost certainly begin as appendages to commercial ports.

Morning rush-hour traffic in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Driving in some cities is a blood sport. Can autonomous cars compete?


Driverless car technology designed for the West could be difficult to transplant in many countries.

Kadidia Ouattara moto

A revolutionary genetic experiment is coming to rural Burkina Faso


Scientists here are engaged in what could be the most promising, and perhaps one of the most frightening, biological experiments of our time.