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Today’s Geo Quiz lies at the bottom of a sea. Just about everyone’s heard the story of the sinking of the Titanic.

That happened in the North Atlantic in 1912. Well, today we’re looking for the final resting place of Titanic’s sister ship.

It was the Britannic — a famous World War One hospital ship. She sank near Greece, after striking a German mine in 1916.


The question is, what sea did the ship sink into?

The BBC’s Malcolm Brabant offers up some clues.

?This wreck lies off the southeastern tip of the Greek province of Attica which is the part of the country which contains Athens; it’s very close to an island called Kea in about 400 feet of water.?

So which sea surrounds the Greek island of Kea?

We’ll chart those waters in just a minute…

A collision with an iceberg in the North Atlantic sank the Titanic in 1912.

But we asked about the sister ship of the Titanic in today’s Geo Quiz.

The Britannic.

It went down in 1916 in the Aegean Sea — which is the answer to our quiz.

The BBC’s Malcolm Brabant has more details about this famous ship wreck and a plan announced today to shuttle tourists to the underwater site:

That was the BBC’s Malcolm Brabant not far from the Aegean Sea.

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