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An ancient city with a Mediterranean view figures in today’s Geo Quiz. Lebanon’s largest city is located about halfway down its long Mediterranean coastline.

It’s a city that reinvented itself after the country’s civil war that ended in 1990. Many of the city’s buildings have been redesigned and rebuilt.

The city boasts new theaters, bars and nightclubs. But not all traces of the civil war have been erased.

During the war, rockets and artillery damaged one of city’s most fashionable apartment buildings. One architect wants to preserve the battered building as a civil war museum.

But others say a museum should commemorate Lebanon’s ancient history, rather than its recent past.

We’ll hear more about this debate and spell out the name of this Lebanese city here …

An architect in Lebanon is fighting a battle of sorts. She’s been struggling to preserve an apartment building known as the Barakat.

It’s located in the capital, Beirut… the answer to our Geo Quiz.

The building was damaged during Lebanon’s 15 year civil war. The architect wants to turn it into a museum to remember the country’s dark days. But others say Beirut should stop dwelling on its painful past.

Ben Gilbert has the story:

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