A Lebanese policeman stands guard next to a bank window that was broken by depositors to exit the bank after attacking it trying to get their money, in Beirut, Lebanon

‘We are forced to be bank robbers,’ desperate Lebanese citizens say amid financial crisis


Banks in Lebanon have partially reopened this week after the government had ordered them to be shut down. The closures were prompted by a spate of bank heists conducted by people whose savings have been stuck in banking system.

Diala Attieh Younes, 39, washes dishes under candlelight in her kitchen in Beirut. She said her generator-supplied electricity bill has increased six folds since last year.

Lebanon’s electricity crisis means life under candlelight for some, profits for others

Wide shot of Lebanese parliament

Lebanon’s political class ‘ripped off’ the country’s potential, ‘Pandora’ investigator says

In a church about a mile from Beirut’s port, Sunday mass occurs with just a few dozen worshipers in the massive hall.

Beirut blast one year later: No justice, no hope

Conflict & Justice
Three women health care workers in uniform, wearing headscarves and masks, stand and listen among a crowd of medical workers.

‘Sometimes I feel like I betrayed my country’: Lebanon’s doctors are leaving in droves


Report: Lebanese security used French-made equipment during protests

Lebanon’s security forces used French-made rubber bullets, tear gas canisters and other anti-riot equipment to crush protests, according to an Amnesty International report.

A banner with representations of the Lebanese flag hangs on a damaged building in a neighborhood near the site of the explosion

Musicians across the world sing tributes to Beirut


Amid huge challenges for Lebanon, musicians around the world find ways to support a country going through exceptionally tough times.

A woman with long hair and glasses wears blue scrubs holding three infants in her arms while talking on a phone in a damaged hospital

In Beirut, hospital staff witness ‘total chaos’ after blast

Health & Medicine

“It was like the doors of hell had opened.” That’s how one doctor described the scene at his hospital in Beirut after a massive blast last Tuesday killed more than 150 people and injured thousands of others.

A woman stands inside a damaged interior with blue painted walls underneath an arch and art hung loosely on the walls.

‘Our house is your house’: Locals open their homes after Beirut blast

The massive blast that rocked Beirut in Lebanon on Tuesday left at least 300,000 people without homes. But shortly after the blast, residents started a campaign to offer their homes to those in need.

People in military uniform wear face masks while they form a line on a Beirut street during protest.

Lebanon protests called out corruption. Now it’s about survival. 


Lebanese protesters are back in the streets with increasing desperation as the country sinks.