A Lebanese policeman stands guard next to a bank window that was broken by depositors to exit the bank after attacking it trying to get their money, in Beirut, Lebanon

‘We are forced to be bank robbers,’ desperate Lebanese citizens say amid financial crisis


Banks in Lebanon have partially reopened this week after the government had ordered them to be shut down. The closures were prompted by a spate of bank heists conducted by people whose savings have been stuck in banking system.

Views from the Cedars of God, a 25-acre forest preserve just six miles from the monastery. Situated in the Kadisha Valley, the site represents one of the last remaining pieces of old growth cedar forest in the country. Some of the trees are believed to be

These monks are on a mission to protect Lebanon’s sacred cedar trees — before it’s too late

Climate Change
view of the city

Solar power is the ‘only business that’s booming’ amid financial and electricity crises in Lebanon, experts say

Lawyer and activist Hussein El Achi helped found a group called Minteshreen that wants an end to Lebanon’s sectarian political system.

These activists want to end sectarian politics in Lebanon

Conflict & Justice
Diala Attieh Younes, 39, washes dishes under candlelight in her kitchen in Beirut. She said her generator-supplied electricity bill has increased six folds since last year.

Lebanon’s electricity crisis means life under candlelight for some, profits for others

Wide shot of Lebanese parliament

Lebanon’s political class ‘ripped off’ the country’s potential, ‘Pandora’ investigator says


The “Pandora Papers” exposed offshore accounts of the rich and powerful around the globe, including Lebanon’s elite political class. Alia Ibrahim, founder of Daraj Media, a team that helped bring the investigation to light, joined The World’s host Marco Werman to discuss Lebanon’s economic situation.

In a church about a mile from Beirut’s port, Sunday mass occurs with just a few dozen worshipers in the massive hall.

Beirut blast one year later: No justice, no hope

Conflict & Justice

A year after a blast in Beirut killed more than 200 people and destroyed swathes of the city, no one has been held accountable as the country sinks deeper into crisis.

Lebanese army soldiers deploy on Lebanon's side of the Lebanese-Israeli border in the southern village of Kfar Kila

Lebanon’s financial crisis is so bad that soldiers can’t feed their families


A Lebanese general recently warned that the crisis could “lead to the collapse of all state institutions,” including the army.

Three women health care workers in uniform, wearing headscarves and masks, stand and listen among a crowd of medical workers.

‘Sometimes I feel like I betrayed my country’: Lebanon’s doctors are leaving in droves

Amid the pandemic and economic meltdown, doctors in Lebanon are lured away by the hope of better salaries — and a future. An estimated 1,000 medical professionals have left since the August blast.

Syrian boy looks through window at refugee camp with plants placed in yellow and white cans attached

Syrian children in Lebanon are ‘being robbed of their futures’

Syrians on the border

Most Syrian children have missed years — if not decades — of schooling due to war and displacement. The conditions in Lebanon mean they could miss even more.