Estonia’s cyber-defense

The World

Estonia is especially reliant on its online infrastructure, this is a country where nearly all bank transactions take place on the internet and the country was the first to hold national elections online. This government official says last year’s internet attack has forced the country to adapt. This analyst helped develop a paper on cyber security for Estonia, and the paper says surprisingly little about the attack and many in the Estonian government suspect Russian hackers. Only one person has been charged for the attack, a Russian national with Estonian citizenship. Estonia has pushed NATO to wake up to the threat and NATO has responded by creating a center for internet security. He says the center will be more of a think tank than a rapid response unit and aim to help all NATO countries. He says what sets internet attacks apart from other more traditional attacks is that one of the first problems is knowing even whether you’re under attack because a successful attack would achieve success without you even knowing it. while there is cooperation in Europe, there has been talk of a more grassroots network as well.

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