Delivering in Afghanistan

The World

It was a daring operation through one of the most dangerous parts of Afghanistan. It involved some 5,000 troops, some American, some Canadian, a thousand Afghan forces and almost 3,000 British forces. The convoy moved through Helmund Province at 2 miles per hour. It was taking a turbine due to be installed at a power plant. It’s due to bring electricity to more than one and a half million Afghans. The commanding officer says the Taliban weren’t too much of a problem, and they fired some rockets and rounds, but they weren’t that ready for us. there was heavy fighting in the valley and a huge number of rounds were fired at Taliban positions, with estimates around 200 Taliban killed. Only one British engineer was injured during the whole operations, and there were no casualties. The turbine may have arrived, but it’ll be months before it’s up and running and perhaps even years before power lines connect the power plant to greater Helmund Province. And the Taliban may try to destroy the plant in the meantime.

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