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Large group of Indian farmers sitting on a green ground outside

‘We are helpless’: Protesting farmers in India pose challenges — and demands — to Modi

With polls opening this month in India, farmers are angry with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In 2021, Modi made a rare concession by repealing farm laws after they were met with massive months-long protests in Delhi. Now, farmers are returning to the streets. Sushmita Pathak reports from Delhi that the main demand now is guaranteed crop prices.

Black and white illustration of a boat on rocky waters

A boat carrying 180 Rohingya refugees vanished. A frantic phone call helped untangle the mystery.

Prem Pariyar stands in front of Alexander Meiklejohn Hall on the campus of California State University, East Bay.

‘Hidden discrimination’: California university joins national trend to protect against caste bias on campus

On Course
Protesters around a flower wreath

Workers’ movements advocate for rights on May Day; Saudi activists allege man killed over megacity plans; Doctors wait hours as Venezuela faces fuel shortages

Top of The World
A Buddhist nun with a shaved head takes part in a Kung Fu display

Climate change forced Nepal women into trafficking. Now, ‘Kung Fu’ nuns are cycling the globe for them.

Climate Change
A woman's photo is superimposed on an illustrated image of the Brooklyn Bridge

Author Mira Jacobs reflects on raising a brown boy in America today


Mira Jacob’s new book, “Good Talk: A Memoir in Conversation,” explores the themes of interracial marriages, racism, and raising a brown child.

A large group of people sit on a wooden boat with a man rowing at the head of the boat toward a golden colored city at night.

In ‘Twice Born,’ author Aatish Taseer explores the impact of caste in today’s India

Caste in America

Aatish Taseer talks with The World’s Marco Werman about his experiences with caste in modern-day India and describes one of the most revealing moments from his new book, “The Twice Born: Life and Death on the Ganges.”

People cross the road in Delhi, India, during the height of the most recent air pollution crisis, Nov. 7, 2017.

As New Delhi’s pollution crisis persists, so do widespread public denial and complacency


In early November, there was no escaping the fact New Delhi was facing a public health crisis. The city’s Air Quality Index, by some readings, soared as high as the maximum, 999. Schools were closed, questions of governmental competency were raised and high-level meetings were convened. Conditions have improved, but remain far from healthy. But you wouldn’t know it by observing daily life.

Man on sidewalk looking up

So, what is the problem with Apu?


Comedian Hari Kondabolu explains that his new documentary “The Problem with Apu” is not just about a cartoon.

Rohingya refugees arrive under the cover of darkness by wooden boats from Myanmar to the shore of Shah Porir Dwip, in Teknaf, near Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh, Sept. 27, 2017.

More than half of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh are kids. Many are fleeing Myanmar alone.


About 480,000 Rohingya refugees have entered Bangladesh since late August, fleeing violence in neighboring Myanmar’s Rakhine State. Sixty percent of them are children. Many are alone.