Super Cool Biz: Japan’s Summer Dress Code

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The US is melting. This month, soaring temperatures have tied or broken more than 800 records across the country — and we’re only halfway through July. Perhaps our sweaty, suit-loving co-workers should take a cue from the Japanese. Super Cool Biz is a government-sponsored fashion campaign to lighten up office wear as the country battles […]

Two days after Hurricane Irma, an elderly resident stand in a dark hallway at Cypress Run, an assisted living facility without power, food, or water, in Immokalee, Florida, U.S., September 12, 2017.

How to avoid blackouts in hurricanes? Model power grids after the internet, says one expert.

Rooftop solar panels in Queens.

A new way to go local: Buy solar energy from your neighbors


Tired of jogging? There’s an exosuit for that.

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Takeouts: Gulf oil spill threatens Democrat’s climate bill, listener responses

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China says it will invest another $361 dollars in renewable energy over the next four years and create 13 million new jobs in the sector, building on previous massive investments. The country already has the largest capacity of solar p

Donald Trump sees the future in coal. China sees the future in renewables. Who’s making the safer bet?


China says it’ll invest an additional $361 billion in renewable energy projects by 2020, and in the process create 13 million new jobs. The move’s in sharp contrast to Donald Trump’s promise to reinvigorate the coal industry in the US. Mary Kay Magistad of The World’s “Whose Century Is It?” podcast says China seems to have a clearer vision of the future.

Solar power booming in the United States


After years of waiting and hoping, solar power is now affordable, and some solar power companies are cashing in.

Mark Sylvia with BlueWave Capital. The Boston-based company is building a 1 mw solar farm in Fairhaven, Mass., enough power for roughly 100 customers.

Want to install solar panels but can’t? No problem.


The solar industry got a big holiday gift at the end of last year — Congress extended a tax credit to build new solar panels. You and I can get the same deal for slapping panels on our roofs. Or if we don’t have a roof that works, for helping finance a few panels in a nearby field.

Pilgrim plant aerial

Even plans to close nuclear power plants stir controversy


When the Nuclear Regulatory Commission found Entergy Corporation’s Pilgrim Generating Station to be one of the three most dangerous nuclear power plants in the US, it was no surprise to some local residents. It has been the focus of protests for much of its 43-year history. Now Entergy plans to close the facility within a few years — but that hasn’t ended the controversy.

Exxon tanker

Exxon helped pioneer climate science — then disavowed its own research. Was it a crime?


In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Exxon was at the cutting edge of climate change research. Its scientists and its senior management understood that burning fossil fuels would warm the planet in destructive ways. But in the 1990s, Exxon began funding climate-denying organizations and speaking out publicly against climate science.