Island of the 'rabbit king'

The World
The World
We're talking about rabbits in the Geo Quiz this time: We are looking for the Spanish island that was home to some really big rabbits, about 3 to 5 million years ago. Researchers from Spain recently discovered an unusually large fossil rabbit skeleton on this island. This rabbit was six times larger than your average modern bunny. It probably weighed about 25 pounds. So scientists are calling it 'Nuralagus Rex' or 'Rabbit King'. Researchers say this rabbit must have reached the island at a time when the island was connected to the mainland. Today, this island today isn't known for rabbits. It's famed as a sunny tourist destination. So, what is this the name of this Balearic island? Geo Answer: The answer is Menorca. Anchor Lisa Mullins talks with Mary Dawson who is Curator Emeritus of Vertebrate Paleontology at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh.
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