Lisa Mullins

Britain bans L’Oreal beauty ads

Two ads featuring Julia Roberts and Christy Turlington have been banned in the UK for being ‘misleading.’

Why Rembrandts are highly popular with thieves

Arts, Culture & Media

Chinese county encourages smoking

Health & Medicine

Swine flu Q&A

Health & Medicine

How Fiat could save Chrysler

Poetry drives the top-rated Arab TV show

Arts, Culture & Media

“The Millions’ Poet” is the Arab world’s “American Idol,” but it’s not about music; it’s all about poetry.

Cambodian film up for Oscar

Arts, Culture & Media

The documentary “The Conscience of Nhem En” is up for an Oscar this year; it is about a young soldier during the Khmer Rouge who took photos of thousands of people before they were tortured and killed.

Monty Python ban ends

Arts, Culture & Media

The Scottish city of Glasgow will finally be able to see Monty Python’s “Life of Brian” on the screen now that a 30-year ban has been lifted.

Treatment of terror suspects to change

Global Politics

Former CIA general counsel worried that Obama administration wants to do a “complete teardown” of policy on treatment of terror suspects.

Israel after the ceasefire

Spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert says campaign in Gaza was successful in destroying “the Hamas military machine.”