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Finance Minister — and national celebrity — Martin Lousteau arrives at the session of the Development Committee during the last day of the spring IMF-World Bank meeting.

Some of this country’s biggest celebrities are economists — really

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For this Geo Quiz, we’re looking for the country whose economists are treated like rock stars.

Vietnamese immigrants pray to a small shrine erected five years ago. The area was once littered, covered in graffiti, and a frequent stop for the city's public works department. But after one neighborhood resident placed the statue on the corner, local Vi

Can you name the West Coast city where a Buddhist shrine turned a neighborhood around?

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Single malt whisky is seen in Edinburgh, Scotland.

This country has passed Scotland in the world whisky ranks. Can you name it?

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A booth serving Chifa booth at a food conference.

Name a South American city that has a thriving Asian fusion food scene

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People ride bicycles across the Canal Saint-Martin in Paris, the city’s main canal.

Which American city could potentially adopt a canal system to combat rising tides?

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A girl rides a bicycle on a balcony in the "Tower of David" skyscraper.

This South American city is home to the ‘world’s tallest squat’


In the heart of a South American city, a 45-story abandoned skyscraper has become a haven for squatters. For this week’s Geo Quiz, we’re looking for the city where this tower is located. Can you name it?

The Mexican polka-influenced band, Polka Madre.

The music of this European region is unexpectedly popular in Mexico

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The folk music of this region in the southeast of Europe has influenced a new musical scene in Mexico, of all places. Can you name it?

Pipers from the Edinburgh Military Tattoo Massed Pipes and Drums perform during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival parade in Holyrood Park in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Which country, aside from Scotland, manufactures most of the world’s bagpipes?

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When you think of Scotland, it’s likely you think of kilts, haggis, and — of course — bagpipes. Scots produce most of the world’s bagpipes, but there’s a country that comes in close second. Can you name it?

Emilio Basilius of the Coral Reef Research Foundation holds up one of the hundreds of samples of marine organisms for the National Cancer Institute in the US.

Which Indo-Pacific island’s waters are host to potentially cancer-fighting molecules?

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Organisms native to the coral reefs of this island nation could potentially combat cancer. Can you name it?

The village of Arinagour on the remote Scottish island.

This tiny Scottish island is an unplugged getaway — can you name it?

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Scotland has been buzzing with news about the upcoming independence referendum. But one Scottish island won’t be getting any updates on the latest referendum news — at least on their smartphones. That’s because there’s no cell service. Can you name this unplugged island?