A person is shown in shadow walking on the fabric of a blue and green hot air balloon.

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People marching in street with a Panamanian flag

Copper mine protests roil in Panama


The government approved a new contract with the mine late last week. Since then, protests have rippled across Panama, and people are afraid they could bring the country to a standstill.

Aerial view of the village of Mutucal, Mãe Grande Curuçá Extractive Reserve.

Rural communities in the Amazon face a complex world of carbon credits

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man at podium

Coalition of small island states makes a case that greenhouse gas emissions are covered by UN Law of the Sea

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Akureyri is one of the few places in Iceland with forest.

This small Icelandic city thinks big about going green

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two white wind turbines outside

War in Ukraine speeding up Germany’s transition to renewables

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a man standing in front of a colorful bottle cap mural

Venezuelan artist uses recycled bottle caps to create large eco-murals


Oscar Olivares plans to take his ecological art global in hopes of promoting sustainable practices and educating communities on how to recycle.

A man standing in a dimly lit room showing large renewable batteries

Renewable energy seen as an answer to Ukraine’s wartime energy woes


Russian attacks on Ukraine’s power stations knocked out more than half of the country’s capacity to generate electricity last fall and winter. The widespread blackouts are over for now, but the new focus on energy security is raising prospects for a speedier transition to renewable energy as Ukraine rebuilds.

A woman in the middle of a crop field holding crops

An engineer in Bolivia is reviving an ancestral, nutritious grain for the 21st century

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An Indigenous woman in Bolivia has earned international recognition for her work in the production, transformation and commercialization of cañahua, a resilient crop and nutritious grain with the potential to reach international markets.

Ayyad Mohmmed Ali works on his farm where he grows date palm trees and vegetables, Iraq.

This startup is fighting to keep Iraq’s palm trees alive

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Decades of war, mismanagement and the impact of climate change have taken a toll on Iraq’s iconic palm trees. One group is trying to help change that.

Barnacle geese have developed new migration routes and breeding grounds amid warming global temperatures. 

Animal species are evolving to adjust to climate change, but scientists say time is running out

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Scientists have been studying changes in animal physiology and behavior, some of which they believe are linked to rising global temperatures. They say the adaptations are beneficial, but may have limitations in the long term.