French-speaking Isle de Jean Charles, Louisiana, has abandoned dwellings are everywhere due to storms, erosion, and rising sea-levels.

Storms and rising sea levels threaten to wipe out French language in Louisiana’s bayou country


Rising sea levels, erosion and storms in Louisiana’s bayou country have flooded entire communities. For some French speakers, Hurricane Ida was the last straw — and many are now moving away.

Hurricane Michael 2018

Warm waters in the Gulf of Mexico raise alarm as US storm season approaches

A boy and his mother walk through rubble

Hong Kong, southern China clean up after super typhoon Mangkhut

Veteran Cuban weather forecaster Jose Rubiera is now retired. But when a big storm hits, he returns to his broadcasts, to the relief of many Cubans.

To reassure Cubans, a revered meteorologist returns to the airwaves

Hurricane Irma has moved off from the northern coast of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

Irma rips through the Caribbean, with a wallop to the US Virgin Islands

Fallen banana trees cover a roadside after the passage of Hurricane Matthew in Cuba's Guantanamo province in October, 2016.

With Hurricane Irma bearing down, Cuba and Haiti prepare for the worst


Haitians and Cubans are preparing for the storms in starkly different ways.

Bakers in Houston

Workers trapped by Harvey at a Mexican bakery feed a hungry Houston


Three employees trapped by Hurricane Harvey in a Houston bakery were consumed with worry about their families. So, they started baking and didn’t stop.

Strange weather and climate change


A meteorologist connects the dots between the recent floods, tornadoes, blizzards and climate change.

dust blizzard perspective graphic

Floods, blizzards, droughts, and dust storms: The week in perspective


This graphic doesn’t begin to encapsulate the tragic particularities of recent weather events and conflicts around the world, but it brings my commute to work — and hopefully yours — into a bit of perspective.

Aerial view of the dust storm in Western Iran.

You think the snow in the US is bad? Spare a thought for Iranians caught in a dust storm


Many of us in the northeast US have been hunkered down because of major snow storms. Iranians in the city of Ahvaz have been forced to stay home too. But theirs is a sand storm.