Delegates began to share their concrete visions on what they believe the future plastic treaty could look like at the first meeting of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee (INC-1).

Negotiators meet in Uruguay to map out global plastics treaty


With a 2024 completion deadline that was voted on in March, the future treaty aims to reduce plastics pollution on a global scale. Organizers plan to mitigate the costs and effects of plastic production as a whole and engage workers’ concerns within the industry.

two students on the beach

Surfing scientists in Spain are hunting down microplastics 

Plastic pollution has become a major concern in Ghana.

Ghana’s fishermen are drowning in plastic. The govt is trying to tackle pollution before it’s too late.

Fruits and vegetables are often wrapped in plastics containing chemicals harmful to human health

A new study highlights the urgent need to regulate phthalates in plastic

Health & Medicine
UK environmental activist Ella Daish, who crafted a giant tampon out of used tampons, is on a mission to get rid of single-use, plastic tampons.

This UK activist is pushing to end single-use plastics in menstrual products

The Big Fix
Two people enjoy bubble tea.

Backlash from bubble-tea fans after China bans plastic straws in restaurants


When drinking bubble tea — the straw is essential. How else can you suck up all those chewy tapioca balls? Complaints from bubble-tea drinkers have sparked a national conversation about straws.

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China announces a new ban on single-use plastics

As one of the world’s biggest users of plastic, China recently unveiled a major plan to phase out single-use plastics across the country.

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‘More waste, better taste’: This Garbage Café offers food in exchange for plastic


Here’s the concept: Bring in a kilogram of plastic trash — about two pounds worth — and you get a free hot meal.

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Can UK communities go ‘plastic free’ with cultural shift?


Canary Wharf was labeled the first plastic-free commercial district in the world. But this shopping center and other communities with this designation actually aren’t plastic-free — yet.

A man is shown wearing a dark-color vest and carrying a large garbage bag full of plastic bottles.

How to solve the plastic waste problem: Build a better plastic

Here’s the problem with plastic: It’s super useful. But it can take centuries to degrade. What if there was a better plastic that was easier to recycle?