Bird migration

As the climate changes, migratory birds are losing their way


Most small migratory birds travel by instinct, but climate change could disrupt their mysterious migratory patterns.

Scarlet tanager

Spring’s uncertain arrival poses problems for migrating birds


Decoding Nature’s Most Elaborate Mating Dances

Arts, Culture & Media

Decoding Nature’s Most Elaborate Mating Dances

Arts, Culture & Media
Flamingos have enjoyed a resurgence in Florida over the last 50 years. Notice that the young flamingo in the middle is gray and not the iconic pink. Flamingos gain their pinkish color over time through their diet — mainly shrimp.

New study sheds light on the debate over the origins of flamingos in Florida

A common loon swimming on Gull Lake in Ontario, Canada. The loon already appears on Canadian currency, and it may soon be the country's national bird.

Canadians vote for a national bird, and the loon is in the lead


Canada has the beaver as its national animal, but it doesn’t have a national bird, even though almost everyone knows the Canada goose. Now Canadians can finally vote online for their favorite fowl, which might become a national symbol in 2017.

A Bohemian waxwing eating fermented berries

Boozy birds in the Canadian Yukon can end up in the drunk tank


If you think drinking and driving is bad, just imagine drinking and flying. That’s what some birds in Canada’s Yukon territory are doing with the aid of fermented berries, so local animal health officials have prepared a tiny place for the birds to sleep it off.

The World

You might want extra life insurance before trying some of the recipes in this cookbook


Since 1991, the Ig Nobel prizes have been awarded, tongue firmly in cheek, to researchers whose work “first makes you laugh, then makes you think.” The theme of this year’s Ig Nobel ceremony? Food. And with that, we have this review of the Ig Nobel Cookbook, Volume I.

A bald eagle spreads it wings. The eagle is just one of hundreds of North American birds now threatened by the effects of climate change

Even the symbol of America is now at risk from climate change


Half of North America’s 650 bird species may be forced to change their current habitats because of climate change or perish — including the bald eagle and the common loon. A new Audubon Society study produced maps to show people which of their local birds are at risk.

A British city welcomes glowworms, hedgehogs and birds that sleep while flying


The urban environment is growing and pushing natural creatures out of their natural habitats. But not all creatures need be pushed out, if only we’d make a few small changes.