A young girl is shown leaning up against a stone column spraying a stream of water.

Unprecedented: Northwest heat wave builds, records fall


Officials are describing the historic heat wave hitting Canada and across the Pacific Northwest as intense and dangerous, pushing daytime temperatures into the triple digits breaking all-time high temperature records in places unaccustomed to such extreme heat.

A sign the shape of a red stop sign warns of extreme heat danger at Badwater Basin with a couple taking a selfie in the distance.

The world’s getting hotter. Can naming heat waves raise awareness of the risks?


Why hurricane forecasters can’t ‘politicize’ storm warnings even if they wanted to

Bomb cyclone

Climate change will accelerate extreme weather events in the coming years

Satellite image of the United States on January 4

Weather ‘bombs’ and the link between severe winters and climate change

TV meteorologist

In hurricane-prone Miami, one meteorologist is forecasting the future


John Morales was one of the first TV meteorologists to start talking about how climate change will impact his audience. Intense weather hit close to home this fall, as Hurricane Maria struck his home island of Puerto Rico.

Cost of Joplin, Missouri, tornado: $3 billion

The insured losses in Joplin, Missouri, after the recent disaster could reach between $1 billion and $3 billion.

Strange weather and climate change


A meteorologist connects the dots between the recent floods, tornadoes, blizzards and climate change.

A passenger cools off a child using a pipe that supplies water to trains at a railway station on a hot summer day in the northern Indian city of Allahabad April 23, 2015.

Despite the extreme heat wave hitting India ‘you have to keep going’


An extreme heat wave is hovering over parts of India. More than 800 people have died from heat related stress in rural areas of India, while city life mostly goes on.

Tornado twins

Is tornado activity being affected by climate change?


A warmer world is leading to more volatile weather events, including extremes of heat, cold and rainfall. Climate change may also be affecting tornado activity in the US. Scientists who study tornadoes are noticing ominous changes in the way recent tornadoes occur, though more research is needed to demonstrate a causal link.