Children sit by a dug out water hole in a dry river bed in the remote village of Fenoarivo, Madagascar

Climate change is driving the worst drought Madagascar has seen in four decades


Shelley Thakral, communications and advocacy specialist with the World Food Program, joined The World’s host Marco Werman from Johannesburg, South Africa, to discuss the dire situation.

Palamagamba Kabudi, Tanzania's Foreign Minister receives a package from his Madagascar counterpart Tehindrazanarivelo Djacoba of the COVID Organics

Madagascar defends coronavirus herbal remedy 

Health & Medicine
A man with glistening black hair wearing sunglasses waves to the crowd.

Madagascar presidential elections marred by accusations of fraud

Introducing Vakoka

Arts, Culture & Media
An employee prepares a scoop of ice cream at the Miko Carte d'Or, part of the Unilever group, factory in Saint-Dizier, France, May 4, 2016.

A cyclone in Madagascar could mean you’ll pay more for ice cream this summer

Modern salegy artist Aly Mourad performs at Jao's Pub in Antananarivo, Madagascar. Mourad blends traditional salegy with a more upbeat style.

Go inside salegy, the music that dominates Madagascar


In the days after World War II, musicians in the northern villages of the huge island nation of Madagascar started fusing traditional folk songs with modern styles. The result was a style called salegy, and it’s still everywhere in Madagascar, now evolving for yet another new age.

A Madagascar Biodiversity Project poster illustrates the symbiotic relationship between the black and white ruffed lemur and the forests they live in, centered on food and poop. The project aims to use lemur poop to help restore forest habitat for the ben

Lemur poop might save Madagascar’s forests — and economy


A reforestation project in southern Madagascar is looking to rebuild the region’s forests, lemur populations and even the economy. And it turns out the secret ingredient for regenerating the once-abundant landscape is lemur poop.

DanceAfrica Ticket Giveaway!

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Dispatch #3: Madagascar to Brooklyn, with Groupe Bakomanga

Also starring on the bill will be acclaimed Canadian based Malagasy guitarist, Guitar Slim. Making a guest appearance will be pioneering Malagasy roots pop singer Hanitra Rasoanaivo, leader of the group Tarika Be, direct from Madagascar. I met up with Bakomanga, … Read more »

Field Report: Madagascar Arrival…

We’ve safely arrived in the capital Antananarivo (called Tana for short) and are enjoying a warm welcome with musician friends. The first night we were greeted by Hanitra, leader of Tarika Be (fearless leader for the Afropop listeners’ tour of … Read more »