Hurricane Katrina aerial view

Quest for racial justice in US must include environmental and climate issues, activists say


Environmental pollution and exposure to risks from climate change are closely linked with a history of institutional racism in the United States. Heather McTeer Toney, field director for Moms Clean Air Force, says demonstrations for racial justice and police reform must also pay attention to environmental justice for communities of color.

Hurricane Michael 2018

Warm waters in the Gulf of Mexico raise alarm as US storm season approaches

Growing high tides have turned this photo — taken from Pompano Beach, Florida, after Hurricane Sandy in 2012 — into a regular occurrence along the U.S. coastlines.

New report forecasts a troubling picture of rising tides, frequent flooding on coasts

Climate Change
Helicopter dropping water on wildfire

2017 was the costliest US natural disaster year on record

These vessels sank on St. John, US Virgin Islands, during Hurricane Irma. Hurricane Maria could bring 20 inches of rain to the US and British Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, leading to flooding and mudslides. And Guadaloupe, a key staging ground for post-

Hurricane Maria bears down on battered Caribbean

Two days after Hurricane Irma, an elderly resident stand in a dark hallway at Cypress Run, an assisted living facility without power, food, or water, in Immokalee, Florida, U.S., September 12, 2017.

How to avoid blackouts in hurricanes? Model power grids after the internet, says one expert.


Florida utility representatives say parts of the state will require a “wholesale rebuild of our electrical grid” after Hurricane Irma left millions without power. How can Florida and other states build electrical grids that are resilient to natural and other disasters?

Hurricane Irma, a record Category 5 storm, is seen approaching Puerto Rico in this NOAA National Weather Service National Hurricane Center satellite

Is the 1-2 punch of Harvey and Irma due to nature — or climate change? Yes.


Back-to-back mega-storms pounding the US and Caribbean countries have left a lot of people wondering if this is climate change at work. The answer is yes, and no. But it’s the wrong question.

hurricane approaching land

Is climate change making hurricanes worse?


Scientists predict climate change will make major storms like Harvey more frequent and intense.

Houston water channel refineries

Houston is vulnerable to catastrophic hurricane damage


The tanks and refineries of the huge oil and gas infrastructure that Texas is famous for leave the city of Houston at risk for devastation and massive loss of life from storm surges if a major hurricane were to hit.

Men salvage metal sheets from a destroyed house after Hurricane Matthew ravaged Jeremie, Haiti.

Almost 1 million Haitians are in ‘urgent need of humanitarian assistance’ after Hurricane Matthew


Before it was downgraded on Sunday to a post-tropical cyclone, Matthew hit southern Haiti extremely hard on Tuesday, killing hundreds of people. The impoverished nation has begun three days of mourning.