Microgreens are a simple way of incorporating fresh ingredients for cooking that you can grow in the comfort of your home. Some of the most popular microgreens include pea shoots, radish sprouts, sunflower shoots and wheatgrass.

Gardening at home during COVID-19


At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has led most of the American population to practice physical distancing, gardening can provide emotional comfort and improved health.


Some advice for starting your own backyard ‘carbon farm’

Holyoke garden

How a permaculture garden led to a bountiful harvest — and true love

Business-minded immigrants often turn to gardening work because the start-up costs are relatively modest — namely the price of the truck and the gardening equipment.

California’s gardens tell an immigrant story


How climate change is altering environments as small as your backyard garden

The World

The Garden of Eva

Living on Earth heads to an unusual garden, where everything is edible.

The World

Garden Girl in the City

It’s gardening season again but for urbanites that doesn’t have to mean just pansies on the porch. “Garden Girl” Patti Moreno tells LOE why she digs city gardening and how she grows so much food in so little space.

The World

Sustainable City Gardening

Urban gardening can be much more than geraniums in a windowbox. Self-proclaimed Garden Girl, Patti Moreno, starts seeds inside her home and grows enough food to feed her family for the summer.

Garden Spot: Garlic

Tulips, crocuses and daffodils are not the only bulbs to plant in the fall. Living On Earth’s cultivated gardener Michael Weishan (WYS-hahn) talks with Steve Curwood about planting garlic. It’s beautiful in the garden, easy to grow, and its story is loaded with lore.

Garden Spot

Living On Earth’s traditional gardener, Michael Weishan (WYS-han), shows host Steve Curwood some techniques for propagating plants during the summer months.