Craft urban foraging

Online map helps city dwellers find wild produce growing in their neighborhoods


For anyone who wants to skip the farm and go apple picking in their neighborhood this fall, there’s the Falling Fruit app, an online map that uses imported datasets to guide foragers to the locations of public fruit trees, edible plants and mushrooms.

A close-up view of a male blue orchard bee, also known as Osmia lignaria. This type of bee, which is native to North America, is known to be one of the world's best pollinators.

Book creates buzz about native bees of North America

2013 was a banner year for apples in New England and even the old, long-neglected trees at the Thomson farm in Western Massachusetts got caught up in the frenzy.

A banner year for New England apples brought back a family’s cider-making tradition

Lifestyle & Belief

NAFTA, 20 years later: Florida tomato farmers struggling with competition

Invasive citrus disease found in California for the first time


Orange juice prices climbing as FDA investigates reports of chemical contamination

Unseasonably cold temperatures in Florida coupled with a chemical contamination in Brazil have put a crimp on supplies of oranges, and that’s sent the price of orange juice rising higher.

The World

NAFTA 20 Years After: Florida’s Tomato Growers Struggling

Global Politics

Florida produces the most fresh tomatoes of any state in the nation. The growers there say they can’t compete with lower-priced Mexican imports much longer. Now they’re fighting a 16-year-old trade agreement that could put the idea of free trade at risk.

US-Mexico Trade Concerns Over Tomato Imports

Conflict & Justice

The US Commerce Department is considering pulling the plug on a 16-year-old trade agreement regulating Mexican tomato imports.

Food Deserts: A Mirage or Reality?

A recent article questions whether food deserts—areas with slim access to fresh fruits and vegetables—are as pervasive as policymakers once thought.

Why Orange Juice Prices Are Going Up

A combination of cold weather in Florida and a fungicide used in Brazil is driving orange juice prices to record highs. The World’s Alex Gallafent reports.