fish underwater

You can ring this ‘fish doorbell’ to help marine life in the Netherlands


The World’s Carol Hills spoke to Anne Nejs, an urban ecologist for the city of Utrecht, who worked on creating the doorbell back in 2021. She says mid-April is the best time of the season to go fish-doorbelling.

A hurricane is pictured from space going over Puerto Rico.

Caribbean fish love catastrophic hurricanes

The Rumney Marsh, a haven to both birds and fish, sits in a highly industrial area north of Boston. For decades, the marsh's welfare has been in jeopardy due to its close proximity to an incinerator.

Residents worry Massachusetts waste incinerator is contaminating waterways


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Ladislav Hanka

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coal ash pollution

In a Kentucky lake, fish tell the story of long-term coal ash pollution


About 1 in 10 fish in the lake show serious physical deformities — the result, one biologist says, of selenium poisoning.

Frozen fish imported from Japan are seen at a storage facility at Ladkrabang customs in Bangkok, Thailand.

Why the West should care about Thailand’s new fight against fishing slavery


It’s been very difficult to determine whether the fish on your plate, or in your pet’s dish, was caught by an enslaved person. Thailand is tightening up its monitoring system.

An Atlantic cod.

For fish, the good and bad of warming ocean waters


A new study predicts that in the new normal, some fish will win and some fish will lose.

a lionfish

Conservationists want you to eat more lionfish. Wait, what?


Lionfish is a delicacy that’s catching on in restaurants. But in this case, conservationists are begging you to eat your fill.

A whale shark is seen in the Galapagos Islands in this September 5, 2012 picture released to Reuters.

Your vacation photos might actually help save the world’s biggest fish


If you’ve gone snorkeling, diving or whale-watching, the photos and videos you post online are becoming an important part of scientific research on some marine species. That’s especially true in the case of the whale shark, the world’s biggest fish.