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Soviet cosmonaut Major Yuri Gagarin is shown in a black and white portrait photograph wearing a space helmet with the visor open.

It’s been 60 years since Yuri Gagarin became the first man in outer space


Author Stephen Walker discusses his biography on Yuri Gagarin with The World’s host Marco Werman.

A display of a variety of guns on a table made from unauthorized parts

President Biden set to further regulate ‘ghost guns’

Zimbabwean American singer, poet and activist Shungudzo says she finds an outlet for her activism through music.

Artist Shungudzo feels an urgency to ‘use her words’ to fight against racism

Una photo con el collage de 8 retratos de jovenes sobre un fondo negro.

Estos son los jóvenes votantes latinos de ‘Cada 30 Segundos’

Every 30 Seconds
Man playing guitar in front of projected images laughing, with woman next to him, arm around his shoulder. Laptop on chair in background.

Haiti has a burgeoning entrepreneur scene, but can it make room for Haitians forced to return from the US?

Wood scraps

The UK’s move away from coal means they’re burning wood from the US


Europe and the US say wood pellets are a carbon neutral alternative to coal. Many experts say otherwise.

Photo of a photo of family in front of wall with penguins painted on it

The Mexican government says it will help people who are deported, but they often are left to make it on their own


The president of Mexico told people deported from the US, “You’re not alone.” But Omar Blas Olvera felt alone trying to restart his life and put his family back together in Mexico.

At Mountainoak Cheese in rural Ontario, their Gouda is winning awards. The owners support Canada's tariffs on cheese imports.

What turns some law-abiding Canadians into smugglers? The high price of imported cheese.


Canada has tariffs and quotas on imported cheese, which results in higher prices and limited availability. So some Canadians resort to cheese smuggling.

Posters promoting National Brotherhood Week in the US

Whatever became of National Brotherhood Week?


In the mid-20th century, National Brotherhood Week was a huge public relations campaign in the US aimed at promoting tolerance and brotherhood as American virtues. Most people don’t remember it anymore.

Woman hugs man in evening scene in front of building

The children of H-1B visa holders are growing up — and still waiting for green cards


The Dattas came from India to teach American children in a Mississippi school. But because of their visas, they worry their own child won’t be able to study in the US.