Four vertical syringes of SARS CoV-2 Vaccine for COVID-19

Pandemic set to widen global inequality

If you thought you lived in an unequal world before, get ready.

Residents of Chicago's Englewood neighborhood gather for a candlelight vigil against gun violence.

This new book looks at all the kids killed by gun violence on a random day in America

A make-shift bed of a homeless person, with a sign on top that reads "I'll be right back," in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Sept. 11.

A third of Argentina is poor. That’s not what the government used to say.

Youth unemployment

As youth unemployment spikes, job seekers keep dreaming

Women on the street

These Indian women said they could protect their local forests better than the men in their village. The men agreed.

Brazilian soldiers inspecting water container for Zika

Improving water sources, sanitation facilities and poverty alleviation may not be the solution to Brazil’s Zika outbreak

Data and scientific studies show that the relationship between poverty and the disease may not be as strong as you thought.

yes mag education

How to make public schools serve poor students

In 2015, New York City began turning schools in poor neighborhoods into community schools — combining rigorous instruction and extracurricular enrichment with a broad social support system.

Imperial Valley hunger 1

Why are kids going hungry in one of California’s most productive farming regions?

Persistently low wages, unstable employment, and severe drought conditions have taken a major toll on local agricultural workers and their families. And, that’s hitting young people the hardest.

project fatherhood

Project Fatherhood is uniting the men of LA’s toughest communities

In the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles, Project Fatherhood helps end the cycle of absent fathers and gives men a place to discuss what it means to be dads, partners and sons in one of the city’s roughest areas.

Bunker Hill college

At community colleges, hunger is a growing problem

There’s a lot of focus in this country on making community college more affordable. But living expenses — including transportation, rent and food — are still the biggest barrier between students and graduation.