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Fuels are not just for transportation in Nigeria, many people also use fuel to power their generators in order to get electricity at home and also run their businesses.

Nigeria’s low-income communities bear the brunt of faltering economy

Nigeria has held the position as Africa’s largest economy since 2022. But a recent forecast by the International Monetary Fund predicts that the country may fall to fourth place this year amid fuel scarcity and high inflation.

Russia’s wartime production fuels its economy 

Conflict & Justice

Toronto is experiencing a car theft epidemic

payment screen with options for credit, debit and Pix

Brazil’s innovative Pix banking system is replacing cash and credit cards

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Students at the all-female Effat University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia participate in a driving skills workshop run by Ford.

Will Saudi women drive once ban is lifted? US car companies want to find out.

People build a snowman outside the US Capitol in Washington, D.C., March 21, 2018.

House approves government spending bill despite conservative revolt

The Republican-led chamber backed the measure 256-167, sending it to the Senate ahead of a midnight Friday deadline. But 90 of the 238 House Republicans ignored pleas for support from House Speaker Paul Ryan and voted against it.

A man is silhouetted against a molten orange background.

US open to tariff exemptions for more countries

Brazil, Japan, South Korea, Australia and Europe clamored for special treatment, just a day after the tariff measures were formally announced.

Man at microphone speaking with hands up

It’s Trump versus California, but immigrants and employers already feel the fallout

Calls to hotlines to assist immigrants are skyrocketing, while employers brace themselves for more inspections.

One person inspects a piece of metal, while another person holds a cart containing a more of the same pieces of metal.

New NAFTA talks aim to clear pathway to toughest issues

Officials say they’re unlikely to address any of the major changes demanded by the Trump administration

Two computers with scanners are set up on a counter in a convenience store, surrounded by packaged snacks and rows of gum and mints.

Will automated convenience stores put South Koreans out of work?

South Korea has one of the world’s highest human-to-convenience-store ratios, but increasingly, those stores are operating without staff, instead relying on machines to allow customers to purchase goods.