The Creative Class Isn’t Dead Yet

Arts, Culture & Media

Journalist Steven Johnson has crunched the numbers and discovered that, far from dying out in the digital age, artists and musicians are doing better than ever.

A model demonstrates a Samsung Electronics' new smartphone Galaxy S7 during its launching ceremony.

Samsung dream jobs are running out for young, overeducated South Koreans


Organizations try to fight ‘brain waste’ and get highly trained immigrants back to work

President Trump shakes hands with a coal miner

Two US coal miners, two very different perspectives on the future of coal

Several young people wearing gloves and helmets work in a park, one digs with a shovel

For these families in Pittsburgh, teens’ summer jobs make more than just pocket money

A Ukrainian miner sleeps on a coal trolley in the southeastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk in May 1998.

World’s longest workday? It may not be where you think it is.


When it was part of the Soviet Union it had a tightly controlled workday. Now, it’s unlimited. Lawmakers are finally trying to change that.

Lou Mavrakis, mayor of Monessen, needs to tear down some 400 blighted homes and 30 downtown buildings. He says he's appealed to federal elected officials for help, but has been ignored.

Trump’s anti-globalization message resonates in ‘forgotten’ Pennsylvania town


Donald Trump gave a fiery anti-trade, anti-globalization speech in Monessen, Pennsylvania, a few weeks back. And people in Monessen loved hearing it.

Matt Hannahs, 32, poses with his son Devin outside their tent

America’s homeless community is growing


The urban population is swelling, as government aid becomes increasingly hard to find and the price of housing climbs up and up.

black domestic workers 1

Unsung black heroines launched a modern domestic workers movement — powered by their own stories

Global Politics

The struggle for labor rights started decades ago among private household workers, mostly African American women, whose stories inspired a powerful, nationwide movement for dignity.

women in tech

Why there aren’t more minorities working in tech


More minorities and women are getting into tech — but they’re not saying. And that’s where the problems start. The story you haven’t heard about why talented people are giving up and dropping out.