lobster fishing boat at sea

Maine’s lobster industry is still feeling the effects of the trade war with China

As US-China relations continue to deteriorate over China’s messaging on Taiwan, the Biden administration recently announced it won’t remove tariffs on Chinese goods put in place by former President Donald Trump. The news is a blow to businesses that do substantial business with China.

Sample portions of chicken and kale stew over rice

Maine’s largest school district serves up African-inspired dishes to get more students excited about school lunch

A man sweeps the floor in a church being turned into an apartment

Refugees in Maine find it harder to afford housing as remote workers move in

A young girl is shown leaning up against a stone column spraying a stream of water.

Unprecedented: Northwest heat wave builds, records fall

Kansas City mayor Quinton Lucas, center, walks among protesters Wednesday, June 3, 2020, in Kansas City, Mo., during a unity march to protest against police brutality following the death of George Floyd.

Federal agents could drive ‘even further divisions in our city and our country,’ says Kansas City mayor

Conflict & Justice

How humble kugel becomes a ‘red-letter feast’ for Yom Kippur


The earliest reference to kugel goes back to the 13th century.

Claude Rwaganje and colleague at an event aiding asylum seekers in Portland, Maine

Portland, Maine, turns ‘crisis’ to ‘opportunity’ for African migrants


Hundreds of migrants are sleeping in an emergency shelter at the Portland Expo Center in Portland, Maine. Both Portland and the state of Maine have welcomed migrants.

A man in welder's coveralls stands in a metal workshop.

Many immigrants have years of work experience. ‘Upskilling’ programs are helping them use that knowledge.

Jorge Balcazar already has 10 years of welding experience. A six-month certification course will help him get ahead.

The overall catch from lobstering in Maine was down 16.4 percent in 2017 from the year before. Those who catch lobsters for a living in the state are hoping that downfall does not continue in 2018.

The feast-or-famine life of lobstering in Maine


The lobster industry has always been an up-and-down business, but a new book looks into how global warming is adding to that already uncertain rollercoaster.

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Arts, Culture & Media

A towering curve of yellow interoffice envelopes sits in the lobby of a Portland office building. It’s the work of visual artist Larissa Brown. After this office worker took a sculpture class, she became inspired to make art pieces from the supplies at work — shipping tags, staplers, and typewriter ribbon. Produced by Dmae Roberts […]