The Great Wall of Vagina (VIDEO)

The feedback on “The Great Wall of Vagina” has been mixed so far.

Some call it the new wonder of the world, others declare the whole thing so gross it would make one “instantly gay.”

Now spare a thought for the poor British artist, Jamie McCartney.

How many plaster casts does it take before you don’t ever want to see another vagina ever again?

So far, McCartney has accumulated casts taken from the genitals of 400 different women.

The Great Wall of Vagina exhibition debuted at last year's Brighton Fringe Festival, and the artist continues to add to his collection.

Believe it or not, vaginas come in all different shapes and sizes, not just the uni-vulva look of porn today's stars. Which is, incidentally, McCartney’s larger, yet subtle, point. 

“For many women their genital appearance is a source of anxiety and I was in a unique position to do something about that,” he writes on The Great Wall of Vagina website

Of course there's video:

McCartney hopes his sculpture will help combat the exponential rise of cosmetic labial surgeries.

According to the artist, this worrying trend to create '"perfect" vaginas is the Western equivalent of female genital mutilation, and sets a troubling precedent for future generations of women.

As part of this ongoing quest, McCartney is still looking for models.

In fact, if you had been in the vicinity of Brighton, U.K. on Feb. 4 and were interested in having your vulva immortalized in plaster, you could have joined Erotic Meet, a group that organized a trip down to the artist’s Brighton studio Time Out London reports.

I have previously reported on the “designer vagina” trend in plastic surgeries for GlobalPost.

The surgeon I interviewed, one Dr. Svoboda, uses an extensive and detailed catalog of almost 100 different vulvas that his friend drew for him, all from memory.

His Prague patients page through the catalog and choose exactly what look they preferred. Numbers 59 and 78 from the vagina diary — both minimal-labia versions — are all the rage, apparently. 

Looking at a whole 3D vagina wall, though, Dr. Svoboda's vagina diary seems so 2010. 

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