What’s for Lunch? Fresh Seafood from Northumberland Strait Off Nova Scotia

The World

Menus often reflect where you are, or what's in season at the local farmer's markets or the catch of the day. Suppose for Thursday's Geo Quiz then – that there's a café Canada serving fresh raw oysters for lunch, along with scallops on the half-shell from the Northumberland Strait. That waterway separates Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton. The chef at the waterfront seafood bar is preparing shrimp caught in Chedabucto Bay off the northern coast of Nova Scotia. "They're beautiful, they're really nice, they're so sweet and their shells are so thin that I actually just deep flash fry them and eat them whole, head on, tail on everything," says Renée Lavallée, chef at the Shack Oyster Bar. The chef also uses locally picked fiddleheads, and fresh greens. So can you name the provincial capital of Nova Scotia…where the Shack Oyster Bar is open for business? Shack Oyster Bar where Lavallée is chef, is on the Halifax waterfront. Halifax is the answer to our Geo Quiz. We waited until she was really busy in the kitchen, and then called her up to ask. "What's for lunch?"

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