Several states pass new laws limiting abortions

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Kansas, Ohio and Indiana are each passing new laws that restrict funding to, and regulate clinics that provide abortions. The new laws, which came with Republican gains in the 2010 elections, are being challenged in the courts, but have not yet reached the Supreme Court. Observers say some of the cases could actually challenge Roe vs. Wade.

Kansas is imposing new, stricter licensing guidelines on its three abortion clinics. Only one Planned Parenthood clinic has confirmed that they have received their license. The two other have confirmed that they have failed and will be forced close.

Since May 10, Indiana has denied any Medicaid funding to entities other than hospitals, that provide abortions. Planned Parenthood, the most effected medical provider in Indiana, says it will have to turn away over 9,000 Medicaid patients. An Indiana Federal Judge has placed an injunction on the law, saying federal law allows Medicaid patients to choose their own provider.

Ohio’s house of representatives passed a law that would ban abortions after the sixth week, which challenges the US Supreme Court ruling of 24 weeks.

Indianapolis Star reporter Heather Gillers, who has been covering the new legislation in Indiana, and The New York Times national correspondent Erik Ekholm, who recently examined new abortion regulations nationally, explain the new laws on Here and Now.


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