A woman with long dark hair stands outside with mountains in the background.

Native American Congresswoman-elect Deb Haaland is ready to get to work


New Mexico’s 1st Congressional District is sending Deb Haaland to Capitol Hill — one of the first two Native American women ever to go to Congress.

Ilhan Omar clasps her husband’s mother's face in her hands as she smiles

These are the women who made history in this year’s midterm elections

Women & Gender
Texas wind farm

Congress boosted spending on science and the environment, even as Trump administration tried to cut

Clovis points

How scientists are piecing together the story of ancient Americans

Monument Rocks

Hunting sea monsters in Kansas is easier than you might think

A Boeing 777 jet departing Frankfurt, Germany.

The lab where aging aircraft are dissected for science — and safety


At the Aging Aircraft Lab, planes are taken apart piece by piece to learn more about the ravages of time on various aircraft designs — from cracking, to corrosion, to metal fatigue.

Srinivas Kuchibhotla vigil

After Kansas, Indians fear for the safety of their loved ones in Trump’s America


Srinivas Kuchibhotla’s killing in Kansas was major news in India.

Blurry photo of residential neighborhood with police cars, lights

I was one of the lucky ones to survive the shooting in Kansas


Even if you voted for Donald Trump, Tim Hibbard says you can speak out against hate speech that evolves into loss of life.

Woman in hijab with American flag pattern amongst men in suits and one woman in black shirt

Why the fight over how immigrants are characterized is so important


President Donald Trump emphasized the importance of supporting the victims of crimes committed by undocumented immigrants in his address to Congress. Yet many immigrants feel his agenda unfairly portrays them as security threats.

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback

Why it matters that the Kansas governor stopped resettling refugees

Global Politics

Sonia Inamugisha lost her brother and both her parents to war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She came to Kansas as a refugee a year ago and felt welcome, but now she worries about what the governor’s recent decision says about her new home — and how she’s going to explain it to her children.