Women in a small group holding signs with text written in Spanish

This tiny country is home to Europe’s toughest abortion ban

Sacred Nation

The micronation of Andorra, located in the mountains between Spain and France, takes a hard-line stance against abortion because its head-of-state is a Catholic bishop. But some Andorrans say it’s time for change.

The Supreme Court in Washington

Abortion ruling exposes deep chasm over the issue in the US

Anesthesiologist Liu Jianmin prepares for an abortion at a clinic run by Marie Stopes International in Xi'an in central China's Shaanxi province

Abortion access in China has changed drastically amid declining birth rate

a woman enters the Supreme Court in London

Northern Ireland decriminalized abortion 3 years ago. But services are still difficult to access.

Protesters gather outside Poland's Constitutional Tribunal in Warsaw, Poland, on Nov.6, 2021, to protest against the restrictive abortion laws after a woman died of complications during her pregnancy. 

This Polish activist sent abortion pills to a woman in need. Now she’s on trial.

Activists of the "Unione Donne Sammarinesi" San Marino's women union camp celebrate in San Marino, Sept. 26, 2021, the victory in a referendum to decriminalize abortion in certain circumstances.

San Marino votes to legalize abortion, ending a 150-year-old ban


After a highly charged campaign in the small republic, the “yes” vote to legalize abortion won with 77% of votes — and a voter turnout of over 60%.

A one-month dosage of hormonal birth control pills is displayed. Early-stage abortions are legal in Thailand, but many doctors and nurses there refuse to do them.

In Thailand, new abortion freedoms face spiritual resistance

Sacred Nation

Early-stage abortions are legal in Thailand, but many doctors and nurses there refuse to do them.

Doctors for Choice in Malta gather to advocate for a bill to decriminalize abortion in Malta.

Abortion is illegal in Malta. Activists are trying to increase access.

On the predominantly Catholic island, abortion is illegal under all circumstances. During the pandemic, activists have strengthened networks to increase access to abortion information and services.

Misoprostol drug, the most common abortion pill

Catalonia’s temporary tele-abortion services are a game-changer for women with limited access

Reproductive rights

New legislation introduced during the pandemic in Europe, including Spain’s northeast region of Catalonia, allows women to conduct nearly every abortion appointment online.

San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone celebrates Easter Mass, which was live-streamed, at St. Mary's Cathedral in San Francisco, April 12, 2020.

What the debate over Biden receiving Communion may mean for the world

Most US Catholics believe President Biden should receive Communion, despite his stance on abortion. The push by conservative US bishops to deny him the Eucharist may have more of an impact in other countries.