Two people are shown next to a water-filled ditch with a grassy field on either side.

We’re not fixing this environmental crisis. Could one ditch show us the way?

Contaminants are winding their way from farm runoff into streams and rivers and into the Mississippi River that have created a dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico. But a conservation effort in Indiana may show a fix to this dilemma.

mayor pete

With eyes on the presidency, Mayor Pete seeks a ‘generational alliance’ to tackle climate change

Before the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, five states had "red flag" statutes called gun violence restraining orders. Recently, Florida became the six state to add the statute.

Researchers still struggle to get funding to study gun violence


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Harley-Davidson motorcycles on display at the company’s headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. An EPA penalty of $15 million for selling emissions defeat devices was decreased by $3 million under the Trump administration in December 2017.

Environmental prosecutions under Trump projected to be the lowest in two decades

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Despite promises to “promote clean air and water,” environmental prosecutions and penalties have drastically decreased during Trump’s first year.

The generation of a ball of mouse skin through stem cell work has created excitement among the the scientific community about possible new insight in skin formation — especially on humans.

A ball of mouse skin could lead to new insight in human skin generation


A group of researchers from the Indiana University School of Medicine were trying to develop inner ear tissue of a mouse using stem cells. What they ended up with was much different — and possibly a major breakthrough in understanding skin formation.

Migrants sleep on the ground at dawn at the Hermanos en el Camino shelter in Ixtepec, Oaxaca. The buildings here are too damaged by the recent earthquakes to enter.

Mexico’s earthquakes complicate life for Central American migrants fleeing violence


The state of Oaxaca in southern Mexico is still recovering from the strongest earthquake to hit the country in a century. The epicenter of the damage occurred on the main route that Central American migrants travel on to the US, complicating their journey north.

The sixth floor of the old Studebaker factory, about a fifth of a mile in length, in downtown Sound Bend, Indiana. A large cardboard photo shows the way the factory looked in the early 20th century, with almost 30,000 workers building cars at the Studebak

After a half-century, a Rust Belt town looks to restore its ‘temples’


South Bend was once a thriving center of industry, but has suffered a 60-year decline. Today, civic leaders are looking to leave their history of manufacturing behind, by literally rebuilding it.

John Feltner, a registered Democrat turned Trump supporter, is losing his manufacturing job to Mexico. He’d like the president to do more, but doesn’t blame him for now being out of work.

Factory workers in Indiana appreciate Trump’s support, but need jobs more than tweets


More Indiana factory jobs that President Trump tried to save are heading for Mexico.