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After teen dies of mysterious head injuries, doctors asking questions about football

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Ridge Barden, a 16-year-old, died during a football game recently from what looks like routine play. Doctors think he may have suffered from something called second impact syndrome.

St. Louis Cardinals, Texas Rangers set to decide World Series champion in Game 7

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More countries, organizations seeking to use aerial drones for peaceful, nefarious purposes


Occupy Wall Street protests find a home on Main Street, America

Global Politics

Tax reform a popular topic among presidential candidates

Global Politics

Caught on tape: parents spanking to discipline children

Health & Medicine

Most parents say they spank their children only as a last resort, but audio research at Southern Methodist University shows most parents do the exact opposite.

Obama’s jobs bill, GOP debate make active week

Global Politics

A Senate vote on the Obama jobs bill. Yet another Republican presidential primary. And the Occupy Wall Street folks may be running out of time.

Behind Bank of America’s decision to charge debit card fee

Bank of America’s announcement of a $5 monthly fee for debit cards comes days before provision that limits fees to merchants for debit card transactions.

The corruption of American college sports

An article in The Atlantic argues for paying athletes and also says a spate of lawsuits making their way through the courts could destroy the NCAA.

Persecuted Chinese writer escapes to the U.S.

Arts, Culture & Media

Writer Liao Yiwu, who spent years in prison in China, escaped this summer and will tour the U.S. as his latest book is released in English.