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GM rolled out an electronic car today — the Chevy Volt — you’d think in a "hot, flat and crowed world," the presence of an electric car would be a positive thing, but Thomas Friedman, who titled his latest book "Hot, Flat and Crowded," wants companies and institutions to react strategically to the green revolution, and not simply be reactive.

On "The Takeaway," Friedman argues "that we are going from a world of a billion Americans to a world of 2 or 3 billion." And "in a world that is hot, flat and crowded, clean technology is the next great global industry." The Pulitzer Prize winning author explains the challenges and possibilities facing America and the need for a green revolution.

According to Friedman, "Markets have to be shaped. They have to be shaped with the right price signals — a gas tax, carbon tax, etc … shaped with the right incentives for clean power, and right now the market signals that still dominate our energy market aren’t to produce ET [Energy Technology], the market signals are there really to support the fossil fuel industry, and that’s what ultimately has to be changed.

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