A general view of Mes Aynak valley is seen some 25 miles southwest of Kabul, Afghanistan, March 2, 2022. Buildings on top are offices of Chinese mining company MCC that won the contract to exploit the world's second-largest copper mine.

A Chinese company strikes a deal with the Taliban to extract oil from Afghanistan


Beijing signs onto a deal with the Taliban to extract oil from the north of Afghanistan. ​Graeme Smith, a senior consultant for the International Crisis Group, discusses the implications of the agreement with The World’s host Carol Hills.

One of the main dishes at The Pork House includes a crunchy roasted pork with beans and fresh vegetables and is paired with the Brazilian national drink: caipirinha. 

Pork paradigm shift: This high-end São Paulo restaurant features pig ears and tails

A waiter wearing a mask and an apron with her hair pulled back tends to a dining table.

England indoor dining resumes, but where are all the staff?

A woman stands over a spread of dishes in the kitchen

A Syrian mom in Istanbul builds a business from her own kitchen with Whatsapp

Young man crawls through fence with bicycle

Italy’s mafia gets richer as ‘security decree’ strips migrant rights

Nanette Senters is one of roughly 1,500 workers at the General Motors factory in Lordstown, Ohio, that will no longer be working there come March.

Rust Belt jobs are still going overseas. The impact could be felt for generations.

President Donald Trump talks a lot about bringing jobs back home. But American companies have continued to send jobs abroad, often with devastating impacts on American communities, more devastating than many of us might think.

a corporate headquarters building and an american flag

Bigger can be better when it comes to business

Big business is good for employees and good for the environment. That’s not a marketing ploy— it’s what the data say.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Alabama builds about 3,000 engines a day at its plant in Huntsville, powering one third of Toyota vehicles produced in North America.

How Alabama is becoming the auto capital of the South


Just 25 years ago, Alabama used to be a place for textiles. Now it’s a place to build cars.

A man is silhouetted against a molten orange background.

US open to tariff exemptions for more countries

Brazil, Japan, South Korea, Australia and Europe clamored for special treatment, just a day after the tariff measures were formally announced.

One person inspects a piece of metal, while another person holds a cart containing a more of the same pieces of metal.

New NAFTA talks aim to clear pathway to toughest issues

Officials say they’re unlikely to address any of the major changes demanded by the Trump administration