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This woman puts the final touches on dinner. Her kitchen is spotless even though she spent two days preparing a five course meal for seven strangers. They make their way to the table. This Massachusetts mother wants a taste of Italian life and came to dinner. The guests have each paid about $62 U.S. dollars to be here. the cook says this is a very typical Italian dish. The guests dig and the reviews are all fantastic, according from this New York woman. Home Foods has 300 volunteer chefs. Don’t even mention the word �fusion� here�each dish is classic Italian. The chef here had to go through a rigorous testing process to become a cook for Home Foods. Home Foods reimburses her for the food and her time, but this isn’t her job, it’s a passion. She says to food someone is the best way to welcome them. As the wee hours approach, the chef follows her new friends to the waiting taxis. She gives kisses to all, and a copy of her gnocchi recipe too.

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