Italian cuisine

An Italian grocer shows off his Parmesan cheese

Animal rights group says two of Italy’s most famous cheeses are made with milk from abused cows


Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) released footage it said it had recently obtained from nine farms in Italy’s Po valley exposing the “shocking” conditions endured by exhausted cows.

The "Octopus Church" is an octagonal church on the island of Moorea in French Polynesia. It's built over a ceremonial site for an octopus deity.

The octopus church of French Polynesia may have you rethink your next seafood dinner

Tony Gemignani's Neapolitan margherita pizza.

How Tony Gemignani shocked the pizza world

Scott Wiener's current favorite pizza box is the VENTiT from India, which allows "crust-damaging steam to escape without sacrificing necessary heat."

Where does the perfect pizza box come from? Try India

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Spaghetti alla carbonara

Why you shouldn’t mess with carbonara

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Totonno's Pizzeria in Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY.

A year after Sandy, a Coney Island legend is slinging more pizza than ever


Superstorm Sandy ravaged Totonno’s at Coney Island in Brooklyn. It’s the oldest family-run pizza joint in the US — and perhaps the origin of Neapolitan-style pies in the country. The family was determined to rebuild it for “grandpa.”

Tourists Protest Paying $21 for an Ice Cream Cone in Rome

An ice cream parlor in Rome recently unleashed a wave of protests when it charged some British tourists $21 per ice cream cone. It was just the latest instance of tourists getting ripped off in the Eternal City, as Megan Williams reports from Rome.

Why Did Iran Ban Pistachio Exports?

Global Politics

What’s behind Iran’s latest decision to ban pistachio exports? Kamran Dadkhah, an economist at Northeastern University, says the temporary ban is a government effort to bring down the high price of pistachios in Iran’s deflationary economy.

The Enduring Popularity of Havana’s Coppelia Ice Cream Park

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The legendary Coppelia park in Havana, Cuba is an outdoor ice cream parlor where very affordable, government subsidized scoops are dished out.

French Senator Proposes ‘Nutella Tax’

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In France, there is a proposed amendment to put a 300 percent tax on palm oil, which is deemed unhealthy. The amendment has been nicknamed the “Nutella tax” because the chocolate-hazelnut spread contains no less than 20 percent palm oil.