A story of survival amid Haiti’s growing death toll

The World

Alongside the hundreds of thousands of casualties from the Haiti earthquake, there are even more individual stories that have yet to be told. One of those stories comes from Gabo Arora, who was working with the United Nations in Port-au-Prince on the day the earthquake struck. We hear Gabo’s tale of survival and his feelings about returning to the country.

Gabo works as a duty officer for the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Haiti, which suffered its own staggering toll ? fifty lives lost. But he is lucky enough to be in back in New York now, where he lives when he’s not on assignment in the Haitian capital. Thanks to a quirk in his work schedule, Gabo was not at the office on the day of the quake, nor was he in his home. Both his office and home were demolished in the earthquake, but Gabo remained safe under the roof of his gym.

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