Sahara cemetery

The World

This scientist has been leading a team from the U of Chicago in the Sahara desert in what is now Niger. He’s been digging up bones and he says if you go back 5,000 years you wouldn’t even recognize the place. He says he’s found bones from scores of creatures. So what were all these creatures doing in the desert? He says it wasn’t desert back then, and monsoons brought warm and wet weather to what is now desert. A lake formed near where his team found all those bones, and people settled near there for thousands of years, leaving garbage piles, for example, which tell a lot about what those people hunted. The scientist has even found bones of two new species of dinosaurs here. but the most recent finding is a burial site, including the graves of more than 200 people. One such burial includes the laying out of three people in specific and possibly symbolic poses. This is a unique snapshot of life in the green Sahara long before the pyramids were even built.

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