Aïda Muluneh's "To pursue the ceaseless way," is exhibited on a bus stop in the Boston area. The photograph is part of "This is where I am," presented by New York-based Public Art Fund.

Aïda Muluneh’s public art photo exhibit is ‘a love letter to Ethiopia’

Ethiopian photographer and educator Aïda Muluneh is showcasing the culture of her birth country in a series of 12 photographs displayed at more than 300 bus stops across Boston, New York, Chicago and Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

travelers tagging bags

‘The summer of stress’: Amid airline staffing shortages, lost luggage rates have soared

Two people stand at a protest with a loud speaker in their hands.

A therapists’ network supports immigrants, advocates during pandemic 

A man in a dark suit talks with men wearing military uniforms outside near tan tanks.

Retired US generals warn against calling the US election too early

Two people kiss wearing face masks as they board a train

Human touch is essential. How are people coping with ‘skin hunger’?

Three siblings in Mevasseret Zion, near Jerusalem, wave to their their grandmother in Haifa as she joins their Passover Seder via Zoom application as Israel takes stringent steps to contain the coronavirus (COVID-19) April 8, 2020. 

For this year’s Passover Seder, to Zoom or not to Zoom? 


It’s an added question for the holiday this year as social-distancing measures in place all over the world are preventing big, in-person gatherings.

Agrawal family poses in a shopping center in Morelia, Mexico

‘We always FaceTime daddy for presents’: How families celebrate Christmas with their deported spouses


Hundreds of thousands of immigrants are deported from the US each year, and many of them leave behind US citizen spouses and children. Here’s how two families have changed their holiday traditions after the deportations of their husbands and fathers.

A person wearing a pink cap sits at a table near three large, black, plastic rats.

‘Colonialism is scary as hell’: Puerto Rican activists in Chicago stage a haunted house


The spooky, interactive experience uses archival audio and video, as well as original art, to trace different periods in the history of Puerto Rico, from the 16th-century Spanish colonization through the United States takeover in 1898 and, finally, Hurricane Maria.

A judge shakes hands with a man at his citizenship ceremony

What it’s like to become a US citizen after a lifetime of statelessness


After 42 years as a stateless Rohingya refugee, one Chicago man became a US citizen this summer.

Amma embraces a devotee surrounded by others in orange and white robes

A small, Catholic, Midwestern farming town embraces an Indian ‘hugging saint’

Lifestyle & Belief

Devotees believe that a single hug from Amma — known as a “universal mother” plugged into a divine, infinite energy source — can heal the world.